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8 Bathroom Renovation Tips To Consider Before You Start

  • 8 min read

So, you’re thinking about a bathroom renovation? A lot of people get super excited about new colour schemes and tiles but before you jump into this stuff, consider who will be using it and how you’ll use it. Is it the main bathroom, shared by multiple people or an ensuite used by just one or two people? If you have a young family with small children, a bathtub is usually considered a necessity. Maybe you and your partner get ready at the same time in the morning. In that case, it could be time-efficient to install a double vanity.

Whatever your situation, read through these 8 tips before you start your bathroom renovation. You’ll thank us when the end result is not only aesthetically pleasing but functional for your particular needs as well.

1. Toilet

Adesso Modern spacious bathroom with toilet
Modern spacious bathroom with toilet

Think about the location of the toilet. Do you want your family to be able to use the toilet while someone is having a shower? Perhaps a separate room will suit? If so, consider whether you have enough space to pop in a small basin. If not then you’re defeating the purpose of separating the two. Maybe you want to maximise the space you’re working with. In that case, a toilet inside the bathroom will probably work best.

2. Vanity and Basin 

Bathroom Interior Wall-Mounted Cabinet Vanity

If you’re up for maximising the area of your bathroom then a wall-hung vanity will increase the space on your bathroom without compromising on functionality. Don’t forget about storage. Minimalism has been pushing into the bathroom space but we’ve experienced a few bathrooms where people have chosen looks over functionality. It’s important to consider storage. There’s nothing worse than creating a bathroom that looks great when it’s empty but the moment you start using it, everything ends up on display because you don’t have enough spots to store stuff. Make sure you have drawers and shelves to put away regular use items like toiletries, makeup and bathroom-based accessories such as hair dryers & hair straighteners.

3. Bathtub

White Freestanding Clawfoot Bathtub

Bathtubs are considered essential by some and luxurious by others. As mentioned earlier, if you have young children then a bath is important. If you’re a couple who are time-poor, consider that the space it takes to have a bath might be better used for a larger shower area or a double vanity instead. If your bath only gets used a few times a year then is it worth the trade-off?  Maybe you have plenty of space to play with and want a bath. In this case, a free-standing bath might appropriate. Perhaps you LOVE soaking in a tub after a long day at work? It could be worth considering a spa bath to maximise your relaxation time.

4. Shower

Frameless shower with wooden floor
Frameless shower with wooden floor

In recent years, advances in building materials have enabled frameless shower screens. It’s a modern-looking alternative that has the added benefit of maximising the use of the bathroom area and being easier to clean. In this case, you might also consider drainage options. Instead of a round hole in the middle of the shower reducing floor space, you could opt for a rectangular grate that runs the length of the back of the shower. Think about storage in the shower as well. A recessed shelf for shampoo, conditioner and shower gel and/or soap holder also keep things neat, tidy and functional.

5. Hardware

copper cabinet hardware
Copper Cabinet Hardware

Updating the finer details on essential items that catch the eye such as taps, spouts, showerheads, drawer & cupboard handles, mirrors, toilet roll holder is often overlooked. Taking these smaller elements into account brings the entire bathroom’s look and feel together and often is the difference between a lacklustre result versus a stunning bathroom renovation.

6. Storage

Bathroom Vanity Storage
Bathroom Vanity Storage

We’ve already mentioned the need to consider vanity storage as well as in-shower storage but consider other elements that are part of a bathroom – dirty laundry, rubbish, a toilet roll holder. Do you want this stuff on display or tucked away? Speaking of “on display”, perhaps you like the idea of exposed shelves, putting things in easy reach and showcasing particular bathroom accessories? Also, don’t forget towel racks either. They can be fixed to the wall or free-standing. Heated or standard. Maybe, if you have space, a section in the vanity could be dedicated to holding a spare towel or two?

7. Lighting, Heating & Ventilation

Lighting Options – Luxury Modern Bathroom

There are a number of things to consider here and a lot of it will come down to your budget. 30 years ago IXL invented the 3-in-1 light, heat and vent device. It went on to become a fixture in most bathrooms across the world. It’s certainly the most cost-effective way of covering all 3 requirements but there are other options that may suit your needs.

Using LED downlights can keep your long-term running costs down. They don’t need to be replaced for (up to) decades and consume very little power in comparison to other types of globes. Also, consider whether the lighting at the mirror is bright enough to see the detail you may need when doing your makeup.

Ventilation in a bathroom is essential as it prevents the build-up of mould, allowing for steam and condensation to be expelled through the ceiling. Natural light and ventilation via a window is not only aesthetically pleasing but also reduces the need for mechanical ventilation and artificial lighting during daylight hours – again reducing running costs.

When it comes to heating if you have the budget and believe bathroom heating is essential then consider under-floor heating. Yes, it’s a total luxury but once you have it, you’ll never want another bathroom without it!

8. Hot Water System

Close up of Water flowing from shower in the bathroom interior
Hot Water Solutions

This is something that a lot of people forget and can be an expensive “oops!”. Nowadays, we have plenty of options – from electric, gas, solar and heat pump systems. Check the age of your existing hot water system. Most have a life of between 8-10 years. If you’re going to do a bathroom renovation and your hot water system needs to be replaced within a couple of years, it’s definitely worth considering.

Bonus Tips

You can have a brand new bathroom for much less money if you leave the plumbing in the same locations, you’re not changing windows and keep the building works such as knocking out walls, etc to a minimum. It’s surprising the impact new tiles, hardware, shower and vanity can make!

Also, don’t store your perfumes in your bathroom. Water damage can destroy the fragrance. Keep them in a dry place with a consistent temperature and they’ll last a lot longer!

Hopefully, these bathroom renovation tips have helped you to think about things that could be costly after-thoughts when planning your next makeover. There are, of course, dozens of other things to consider, so if you want to have peace of mind, contact Adesso Building Renovations. We’ll help guide you through every renovation process and make sure nothing is left to chance.