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A Simple Guide To How A Renovation Should Progress

  • 4 min read

Often, when we choose to renovate, it’s our first and only experience – especially if it’s a major renovation. In general, when managing a renovation for our clients, Adesso will work from the top to the bottom. For example, we start with the ceilings then the walls and the floors. If we’re laying entirely new floors though, it’s best to have the painting done first to avoid splashes or spills. If your renovation is performed by Adesso Building Renovations, you’ll also learn that we co-ordinate the work by trade rather than room by room. While it would take a book to cover every aspect of every renovation possibility, here’s our simple guide to how a renovation should progress.

So, without further ado, here’s a list (in sequence) of what you can expect if we were to renovate your bathroom but the same list of events can be applied to pretty much any space in your house.


Here’s where we work out the plan. Run it past all the trades involved, such as the plumber, tiler and electrician, and check requirements for special fittings, such as connecting the toilet to plumbing or tapware with filters.



This is where we remove any parts of the existing structure, fittings and fittings that won’t be included in the new space. All the rubble is taken away so there is a safe, clear space to work. We might pull up the flooring, remove windows, walls or doors as well as things like built-in storage elements like kitchen cabinets for example.


Rough In

This is when new wall framing goes in, plus electrical, plumbing and gas points are positioned.


Doors and windows

All trims, skirtings and architraves go in as well as window mechanisms and any new doors hung.


Walls and ceilings

Plasterboard is installed, with new ceilings, if needed.



Finalise all the painting before tiling and laying the floor.


Flooring & TIling

Lay the floor & tile the walls before cabinets and shower screens unless they’re built-in.



Install the carcasses, leaving the benchtop and doors until later so there is access (if required).


Sink and taps

Usually installed just after the cabinets, sometimes the bench is custom cut to fit the sink.



The electrician comes back to install this as needed.



Hang the doors, position the drawers and add any open shelves if required.



If you’re ready to renovate but have questions, talk with Adesso about your budget and what you want to achieve. We’ll help guide you through every renovation process and make sure nothing is left to chance. You’ll be left informed and feeling good about the transformation about to happen.